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The Health Benefits to Feeling Beautiful

04 December 2013

Both looking and feeling beautiful can do wonders for our health. However, this feeling doesn’t always come naturally. Thankfully there are a number of ways you can enhance your look from the inside out.

Stand and Sit Tall

Good posture is extremely important, yet despite its importance many find it difficult to both sit and stand tall. The environments we choose to work in often contribute to this. Many who work in an office setting will find themselves hunched over a computer at least once in a while, frantically trying to meet a deadline. Your brain is constantly checking in with the rest of your body. When your posture is good, the message received is: ‘I feel good about myself’. This has a lot to do with confidence and studies have shown that those who sit up straight appear more self-assured, alert and in control. On top of this, keeping your shoulders back and your chest open makes you appear slimmer, taller and more assertive.

Take Pride In Your Appearance

The clothes we wear certainly have something to do with this feeling of self-assurance. Wearing black, shapeless attire can make us feel as tired as our clothes look. However, wearing sharp tailored suits, fitted shift dresses and colourful garments (and even sexy underwear!) can make us feel alive, attractive and positive. When you know you look good, you’ll quite often feel good too. When dressing for the day ahead, you should ensure you’re in love with every item of clothing you intend to wear. This rule applies to under garments too. Even though no one else can see what you’re wearing underneath, knowing yourself that your lingerie is utterly fabulous is enough. Structured under garments will also work to pull your waist in, your shoulders back and hold your bust high. All of these factors contribute to an impressive silhouette.

Find Something To Admire In Yourself

Those unhappy in their appearance will often pinpoint several flaws when they look in the mirror. Instead of criticising certain flaws, you should look at them in a new light. Allow your eyes to focus on something that pleases you and always make the most of your assets. By doing so, you will activate your brain’s reward system, which will in turn lift your spirits.


Yes it may seem simple, but smiling is the key to feeling happier about yourself and others around you. It also lifts the muscles around your lips and eyes, creating a youthful glow. Smiling also generates a feel-good effect on others, and when another smiles at you, your brain receives an instant mood boost. It’s also important to indulge in activities that make you happy. You may choose to embark on a shopping trip in search of a new lingerie set, plan a weekend away with a loved one or decorate an area of your home.

Breathe Deeply

Short, shallow breaths can manifest tension; this tension is shown in your face, your throat and your shoulders. Deep, slow breaths however have the opposite effect and will make you look and feel more at ease. It’s important to take a little time out now and again and just breathe!

Say Thank You

You may not realise it, but saying thank you on a regular basis can make you feel extremely positive. Giving a gift or issuing a complement not only makes the receiver feel good about themselves, their happiness also rubs off on you.

Choose Bright Colours

Both eating and wearing bright colours gives you an instant boost of energy. You only need a pop of colour to light up your face and also, your mood. Blue is considered a universally happy colour, so next time you’re looking into a new wardrobe investment; choose a piece in this uplifting shade. If you boast a warm skin tone, opt for royal blues. If you possess a cooler complexion, choose icier blues or aqua shades.

Loosen Up

Both numbers on a scale and external appearances can deeply affect your body and mind. For example, when you wear clothes in a smaller size, an instant feeling of constriction is sent to your brain. You may take this as a sign that you’re not thin enough, which is far from the truth. Choose clothing that boasts an elegant cut and fits you well, and you’ll never have this problem.

Give Yourself A Reality Check

The media is constantly sending out unrealistic images, which often feature slim, pore-less women with legs that last forever. What they don’t tell you however is that these images are often computer enhanced. It’s therefore important to never compare yourself to such pictures, as many of them are often created to make you feel insecure, whilst also encouraging you to buy into a product you probably don’t need.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

Our social networks have a dramatic effect on our own behaviour and attitude towards life, especially in terms of appearance. It’s important to surround yourself by positive people and seek out those who are confident in their bodies. This confidence will soon rub off on yours truly.

View Yourself In a flattering Light

We’ve all been there, tried an outfit on in a store and absolutely loved it, only to be disappointed when we later try it on again at home. This is all down to flattering lighting. You should consider both the placement and colour of your current lighting fixtures. Looking into a mirror that makes you feel happy about your body image is a great confidence boost. Opt for white-coated, incandescent bulbs for a wash of pretty, soft light.

Follow these few simply tips and you’ll quickly become a confident, happier and healthy version of yourself.

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