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Body confidence with the Fairy Boobmother

The second in the series of our body positive blogs..

The Fairy Boobmother 20 November 2017

During maternity leave from my job as a bra fitter, I decided that baby number 3 obviously wasn't keeping me busy enough and I launched my blog, offering women all the advice I had gathered through work. 

At this stage I had no intention of making my platform a body confidence space but I did begin to share images of myself just as review pieces. Now I assume as a plus size, 30 something woman with a post baby body and greying hair, other women began to recognise themselves in me and when I received this message;

"Keep doing what you're doing because even though you might think it's just about bras, it's actually so much more"

I started to see the impact I was having. I have not always had body confidence, I never used to see girls like me in the media and I struggled massively with feeling "too big" or "not good enough" in comparison to the ones who were, and things spiraled quite dramatically for me for a while. This is why it's important, if I can show just 1 person my picture and it makes them feel better about themselves then that means the world to me.

The Fairy Boobmother is seen here wearing the Freya Fancies Range in Cobalt - Shop Now

Of course, there are days when I don't feel 100% amazing and as much as I hate the phrase "it's a journey" it really is one. When you've spent most of your life thinking you need to look a certain way to be happy, changing that mindset isn't easy but if I'm feeling rubbish and wishing I had a flatter tummy, smaller hips, perkier boobs, I usually put on my favourite lingerie and (make my poor husband) take a load of photographs. This might seem an odd way to beat these feelings but baring those wobbly bits and sharing them with others reminds me why I'm doing what I am and I suddenly feel very Sasha Fierce!

There is definitely something very empowering about a well-fitting bra and knickers.

The most important aspect for me is the growing support I get from other women across all ages, shapes and sizes and the feeling of "sisterhood" through social media and I try my hardest to return it too. If we can build other women up, then we can absolutely do it for ourselves!




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