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Find The Perfect Style Bra For Your Breast Shape

Our easy breast shape guide will help you find the best style bra for your shape.

Charlotte Topping24 June 2016

belle lingerie breast shape guide

Boobs, jugs, bangers, puppies, the twins, knockers, gazongas, melons, whatever word you use to describe your breasts, we all have them and its time we got to know them a little better. If someone asked you what breast shape do you have, would you be able to tell them? A lot of women couldn’t which is why we are here to help. Certain bra styles will suit different breast shapes and below is a guide to help you work out what yours is. 

belle lingerie breast shape guide narrow shallow

Narrow breasts are generally smaller than a C-cup and tend to not have much volume to them.

Recommended Bra Styles- Push up bras are great for narrow/shallow breasts because they will help to add volume & lift. Plunge bras could also work because the wire sits slightly lower than other styles and will not dig into your sternum as much.

Avoid-  If you have narrow/shallow breasts try to avoid high underwire or a high centre panel as this might dig in to your sternum and feel very uncomfortable. 

belle lingerie breast shape guide rounded

As suggested by the name, rounded breasts have a round or ball like appearance and tend to be a D+ cup size. They also have a higher volume of breast tissue.

Recommended Bra Styles- Side support & full cup bras will provide great support & lift for rounded breasts. Side support bras provided extra support in the sides and full cup bras provide extra coverage and help to support extra volume in the breasts.

Avoid- If you have rounded breasts try to avoid plunge or half cup bras as these will not give adequate coverage or support. Bras that have stretchy cups are also a big no no, as the weight in the breasts could over stretch the fabric, meaning that not enough support is being provided. 

belle lingerie breast shape guide uneven

Everyone has one breast larger than the other but the size difference can be more prominent in some women. Usually you will find that the larger breast will be no bigger than 1 cup size. Uneven breasts occur more during the menopause which is why we always advise that you get measured regularly.

Recommended Bra Styles- Bras with pockets in the cups that allow you to insert extra padding are great for uneven breasts. Putting extra padding in the side of the bra that will hold the smaller breast, will create extra volume and give a more even look. 

Avoid-  Try to avoid plunge bras as they could make your uneven breasts even more prominent. 

belle lingerie breast shape guide archetype

This is the most common shape of breast. The breasts are reasonably full & round but are not over-heavy and do not hang too low. Generally manufacturers will design to this shape which means the majority of bra styles will suit this shape.

Recommended Bra Styles- Balcony bras, this is one of the most common styles of bras and has a great compromise between creating lift and a cleavage and providing support & coverage.

belle lingerie breast shape guide wide set

Wide-set breasts always have a space (usually about 2 fingers) gap between them. They can be any size from very small breasts to very big breasts. Women with a large cup size that have wide-set breasts often find it difficult to find bras with a wide underwire that will take the extra volume at the sides. Women with a smaller cup size that have wide-set breasts can often find it difficult to create volume and a cleavage.

Recommended Bra Styles- Surprisingly enough most bra styles work for wide-set breasts but for larger breasts, the side support style will give added structure and support at the side and help to push the breasts forward. Side boning is also a great option because again this adds structure and support to the extra breast tissue at the sides.  

belle lingerie breast shape guide close set

Close-set breasts are breasts that are touching or have a very small gap in between them. They are most common in women that have a round and fuller bust. Women that have close-set breasts tend to find it difficult to find bras that are supportive but have a low centre panel.

Recommended Bra Styles-  Plunge bras are a great option for wide-set breasts as the centre panel sits low on the chest revealing a natural cleavage. Full cup & side support bras can also work because they help to support the extra volume in the centre of the chest. Just make sure that you choose styles where the centre panel isn’t too high. If you have a large bust then go for brands like Freya, Curvy Kate, Fantasie & Elomi, because they design their lingerie specifically for women with a larger cup size. 

belle lingerie breast shape guide bottom heavy

Bottom heavy breasts are full at the bottom but do not have much volume on top and have a swooping like appearance. Bottom heavy breasts can either be firm or soft but generally the softer tissue is found on top. Women with bottom-heavy breasts tend to find it difficult to find bras that create a cleavage and often find their bras gape at the top.

Recommended Bra Styles- Vertical seam bras are great for adding extra structure and lift to bottom heavy breasts. Push up bras can also work as the padding helps to push the breasts up from the bottom. You may find some bras will just add even more volume at the bottom, so be careful when choosing push up styles and make sure you try a variety to see what works best.

Avoid- Try to avoid full cup bras or bras that offer a lot of coverage because this will only add extra fabric on the top of your breasts, creating gaping or space underneath the bra. 








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