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Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Sports Bra

Whether you have large breasts or small breasts, if you are taking part in any physical activity it is important that you wear a sports bra and get the right amount of support you need.

Charlotte Topping23 October 2014

find the perfect sports bra

Yes I agree, finding the perfect fitting sports bra can be difficult but if you know exactly what type of sports bra you should be looking for it can make your search a lot easier.
Every women should have a sports bra in their lingerie collection as you never know when you might need one, even activities such as walking (mainly long distances) can require one.
Even though it is important to wear a sports bra whatever breast size you are, the bigger your bust the more you will need to wear one as you will need more support. 

belle lingerie sports bras

So why is it so important to wear a sports bra during physical activities?

During physical activities a women’s chest moves considerably, probably a lot more than you may originally think. The breasts generally move in a figure-of-8 pattern which means they will be moving up and down; left to right and forwards and backwards and as you can imagine this will not be doing your breasts any favours.
Breast are made from fatty tissue which is supported by ligaments and these stretch over time, particularly if you are exercising and not getting the correct support. Wearing a sports bra cannot eliminate this all together but by wearing one during physical activity you will help to slow the process down.
Wearing a sports bra will make you feel so much more comfortable and in turn make you enjoy the sport you are participating in a lot more.
It is so important that when you buy a sports bra you make sure you are getting the correct fit as even if it is slightly too big it won’t be able to give you the correct support or prevent chest movement.
I would advise that you find a sports bra that comes in normal bra sizes as this way you will be able to find a more accurate fit. 

There are a variety of sports bras available and these come with different levels of support. Below is a guide to show you what kind of impact level bra you will need for different activities.  

low impact sports bra
Walking, stretching and yoga.

medium impact sports bra

Dance, skiing and cycling.

high impact sports bra

Jogging, running, power yoga, horse-riding, tennis and netball. 

extreme impact sports bra

Aerobics and martial arts. 

sports bras we love

triumph triaction fusion star logo
If you are a small-medium sized cup then the Triumph TriAction Fusion Star sports bra is a great one for you as it ranges from a band size 32-38 and cup size B-D.
The modern design and bright colours alongside the amazing features of the bra means you will not only look great but you will feel great too.
This is a high-impact bra which means you will be able to wear it for most sports.
The bra features moisture wicking and soft quick drying fabrics for your ultimate comfort and the special bonding technique along with the seam-free tailoring help to prevent any irritation from friction or sweating which is a must when participating in any physical activity.

The bra is also available in a grey/lime colour and you can save 30% at Belle Lingerie.  

triumph triaction fusion star sports bra on woman with bike
Triumph TriAction Fusion Star (Pink/Orange)

shock absorber logo

Shock Absorber are one of the most popular brands for sports bras. They only sell sportswear which means all of their bras have been produced with the best material and design.
I love the Active Multi Sports Support bra, which is high impact, so you can wear it for pretty much any sport.

The lightly padded adjustable straps and high performance, breathable material are designed to give you comfort and freshness throughout your whole workout. This bra, which comes in band sizes 28-40 and cup sizes D-H, features two fastenings on the back (please note the D and DD only feature one fastening), so you won’t have to have a workout just trying to get the bra on.
If you are bigger busted than the Shock Absorber Active Multi Sports Support is perfect for you.

The range is also available in pink/purple, white, black and bluebird/rose. Save up to 40% at Belle Lingerie.

women high kicking in shock absorber purple bra
Shock Absorber (Purple)

save £5 on selected sports bras at belle lingerie banner 



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