Bra Fitting Guide

How to Find Your Ideal Bra Size

Your bra should look great under your clothing and it is hard especially with internet shopping to find a good fitting bra by using charts and measurements. However, if you take time to find a good fitting bra, you will find the bra will lift your bust to enchance your waist, and this can result in your figure looking slimmer. It is worth finding the right fit, as it will make all the difference with how you feel in your clothing.

We have a few tips to help you find the perfect shaping under your clothing. Although our tips are just a guide if you find that you have a bra that feels nearly right, and you can’t work out how to get the fit just right the tips below could really help you.

  • If your breasts feel as if they sit low and if you do not feel like you have any support in your bra then the bra cups and under band could be too big. You could try going down both one bra and one cup size.

  • If you find that your clothing does not look right as your bust appears lumpy, this can be caused by your bra cups being too small, try going up one cup size.

  • If you find that the under band on your bra is too big resulting in the wires lifting away from your rib cage, you could try going down one back size and up one cup size.

  • If you find that your under band is tight and causing marks on your skin, as well as being painful to wear, try going up one back size.

  • If you find you do not have much support and that your under band is loose, and you are fastening your bra on the last hook, you should try going down one back size and up one cup size.

  • If you find that your bust shows under your bra because your under band is too big, try going down one back size but up one or two cup sizes.

  • If you find that your bra bulges at the sides, try going up one cup size and down one back size.

  • If you find that your bra cup feels baggy try going down one cup size, also consider a balcony style bra if you find you do not fill a full cup style bra.

Not all bra styles will suit every body shape. Some customers will find they want uplift and support but find plunge bras offer too much cleavage. If you do not wish to wear a plunge bra but would like a little extra support you can try a Balcony style bra. This will offer you uplift without too much cleavage.

If you are looking for a bra that will minimise the appearance of the bust, but still offer a great hold and shape, you could try a full cup bra.

And finally, if you are looking for extra plunge and uplift, and the plunge bra is the bra for you, try going up a cup size, especially with padded plunge bras, this will allow a little more room in the cup

You may find that Manufacturer sizes can vary, and we recommend that you visit the Manufacturer websites directly if you are referring to a bra size conversion chart.  

How to measure your back or under band Size

Make sure you have a bra on and that it is not padded. Measure in inches around your rib cage directly under your bust, then measure underneath the wire of the bra. If you find that your measurement is between sizes then you need to round down the size, for example if you achieve 30½ ins then round down to 30 inches.

  • If your measurement is an even number – add 4 inches.
  • If your measurement is an odd number – add 5 inches.

This will provide you with your under band or back size.

For example:

your under band measurement is 30 inches. then add 4 ins – you are a 34

Measuring your cup size

You need to measure the fullest part of your bust and then you will take away the full measurement of the bust less your under band size. Therefore the full bust measurement less under band = cup size.

When measuring cup size, you should always round up so if you measure 34½ ins then round up to 35 ins.

Below you can now see how you cup size works, so for example:

  • 34 Back size & 34 Full Bust size = A cup
  • 34 Back size & 35 Full Bust size (+1 inch difference) = B cup
  • 34 Back size & 36 Full Bust size (+2 inch difference) = C cup
  • 34 Back size & 37 Full Bust size (+3 inch difference) = D cup

Or let us do it for you! Please note that the guide below is just a guide based on the measurements that you provide.  It is important that you input accurate measurements to get the correct size.    Any measurements should be taken without clothing on and with just your bra on.


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